Little Known Facts about "The Gargle"

Actually, all facts about The Gargle are little known, but here are a few of the better known little known facts.

What it was:   A satirical newspaper created spontaneously by students at University High School in Urbana, Illinois.
Publication dates:   About a dozen issues published at random intervals between Sept. 1970 and June 1972.
Founders:   Peter Wolff, David Woolley, Scott Wyatt, Robert Zych, and Brian Hendricks.
Additional staff:   Margaret Drickamer, Jim Dobbs, and Ruthie Beberman joined the Gargle crew in its second year.
Origin of name:   Mutilation of the name of the official school newspaper, "The Gargoyle".
Editorial mission:   None detectable.
Format:   Typed and handwritten dittos, often printed on the backs of worksheets from Latin class. ("Rufus cibum multum edit. Cibus stomachum rufi extendit.")
Visual style:   Text and crudely drawn pictures flowing every which way and jammed into every available square inch.
Greatest editorial
"The Last Gargle", a 36-page special issue that served as a substitute yearbook in 1972 because the real yearbook was delayed until midsummer.

Gargle Achieves Recognition in the Local Press
Photos and feature story from the News Gazette, Jan. 15, 1972

Sample Gargle Articles
Most stuff published in The Gargle was far too full of in-jokes to be worth reading today, but here are a few pieces that survive the test of time (sort of...)


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